Policy regarding the issue of Book Vouchers

There are times when you need funds to purchase your books, but your financial aid has not yet been disbursed to your account. When this occurs we have a process where you can obtain your books using your anticipated financial aid refund. To obtain a book voucher, you need to meet the following criteria:

The book voucher is a request by the Office of Financial Aid to the Bursar’s Office that they place a credit on your Comet Card, which you can then use at the UT Dallas University bookstore. Because this is a Comet Card credit, you will not be able to use it at an off-campus bookstore or an on-line bookstore.

We try hard to be certain that your financial aid is available for you as soon as possible in the semester. In addition to buying books we know that most of our students have other education-related expenses. The best way to have your funds as soon as possible is for you to apply for financial aid before the posted deadlines. Even if you have missed the deadlines, applying as soon as you know you are planning to attend UT Dallas is in your best interest.

To obtain a book voucher, you should visit the first floor of the Student Services Building (SSB). Let the receptionist know that you need a book voucher and you will be seen by a member of our staff.