Exemption Program for Clinical Preceptors and Their Children

The purpose of this program is to encourage nurses to serve as Clinical Nurse Preceptors by providing a partial exemption from tuition to them and/or their children.

There are two groups of students who can apply for this exemption:

Additionally, undergraduate students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and must not be subject to the fee for excessive hours, as determined by the Office of the Registrar.

As the preceptor, you may receive up to $500 or actual tuition, whichever is less, for as long as you meet program requirements. As the child of a preceptor, you may receive $500 or actual tuition charges, whichever is less, for up to 10 semesters or until you receive your bachelor’s degree. Summer terms of less than nine weeks count as half a regular semester.

Complete the Preceptor Exemption application form and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid along with written proof of eligibility from the nursing department through which the preceptor has (or had) a written preceptor agreement.