Research Assistants and Teaching Assistants Waiver

The purpose of this program is to permit an individual employed at least half-time by a public institution of higher education as a research (RA) or teaching (TA) assistant, and the assistant’s spouse and children, to enroll in public institutions in Texas while paying the resident tuition rate.

In order to be eligible for the waiver, you must:

The Office of Financial Aid is responsible for administering the waiver, which is applied on a term-by-term basis for each term the student is employed as a TA or RA. Nonresident graduate students employed as TA’s and RA’s at UT Dallas are automatically considered for the waiver. If your research or teaching assistantship at UT Dallas is terminated before Census Day, the waiver will be canceled.

Spouses and dependent children of TA’s and RA’s must submit to the Office of Financial Aid the employed student’s Personnel Action Form. Additionally, spouses must submit a marriage license, and dependent children must submit proof of dependency in the form of a birth certificate or a copy of the parent’s most recent tax return showing the student claimed as dependent.